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      PS2 Links
  Friends   &  Favorites
        fakebloods site !
    Smoov's DBZ Forum
      Altron's DBZ Site
Warez Website
}{U}{A INc. Site        

There will Be many more of  my friends and favorite Links of websites i go to often.
  If you wanna sign up for one of the two UG Madden seasons
  head to the forum and enter your name and what three teams
  of your choice that you would like to be. To sign up for socom
or tribes clans please enter your name and the clan you would
like to join. As of now all we have is the official UG clan of the
website where myself is the leader. If you wish to create your own
clan let me know and i'll be sure to set up you a section in the forum for you and your clan and stats, contacts information and
such on the website. More on everything next month.
  To the offficial Ultimate Gamers
  chatroom you need to download
MIRC and then run the program
  and put 
Once connected to the server
  simply put in
/join #ps2 and your
  in the Playstation 2 UG chatroom.

To change your name to a nick
  you want to use use
/nick [name]
of the nick.  IF you need any help
  in trying to get to the chatroom or
  with mirc please stop by the and
       ask a admin at the forum.
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